Could your child be dyslexic?


Parent Questionnaire:


Please complete the following questions about your child.


  • Do you feel that your child can understand better if      

       information is read to them?                                                           YES   NO


  • Does you child try to “sound out” words but struggles

       even with simple words ?                                                                 YES   NO


  • Does your child spell words the way they sound rather than                              the actual spelling?                                                                           YES   NO


  • Does your child quickly forget words they have

       just learned?                                                                                       YES   NO


  • Is there a family history of reading/spelling difficulty?                YES   NO


  • Did your child have several ear infections or need tubes                                  when younger?                                                                                  YES   NO


  • Have you noticed your child losing understanding

       when they read stories without pictures, directions, or                                                    without answering written questions?                                           YES   NO


  • Is math relatively easy for your child until there is

       written information to understand?                                               YES   NO


  • Are there continued letter reversals (d, b, p, q, g, j,…)

       after first grade?                                                                                 YES   NO


  • Do they have difficulty writing, forming letters, spacing

       words when writing, or lining up numbers?                                  YES   NO


  • As your child reads, have you noticed them substituting

       words that relate yet sound different from the correct

       word?  Ex. Dog/puppy, house/home                                              YES   NO


  • Has your teacher brought to your attention concerns

       she has for your child’s learning difficulty?                                    YES  NO


The greater number of “yes” answers, the greater probability that your child could be dyslexic. Other factors are reviewed before testing.  It is best to contact us and let us discuss what is the next step for your child.