Dyslexia Therapy
Dyslexia Therapy

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Dyslexia Therapy
Dyslexia Therapy

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Dyslexia Therapy Graduation
Dyslexia Therapy Graduation

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Dyslexia Therapy
Dyslexia Therapy

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How can we help your student?
  • Is your student having difficulty in school with reading, comprehension, written/oral directions, or spelling?

  • Do they know the information one night yet have forgotten it the next day?

  • Does the teacher continue to say your student's difficulties should correct themselves with age and practice?

  • You know your student is smart, but do they continue to fall behind in school?

  • Do they have a dyslexia diagnosis, yet the school is simply not able to help?

  • Does your student do well in school but completes the work slowly?


Our therapy benefits all this and more! 

Dyslexia Intervention for students K-12th grade provided.
22 years of serving Williamson County and surrounding areas.

Providing dyslexia testing, intervention, homeschool tutorial and academic tutoring year round!
We are online teaching and in office teaching
Monday-Friday individual and small groups.
Call Today for more information  615-739-5039

Dyslexia Screener available to determine if dyslexia is a possibility.
Full Psycho-Educational Testing available providing a diagnosis for dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Call for more information

Private and semi private intervention for dyslexia available using a multi sensory approach. 
Homeschool Tutorial available
Registration  starts January 6, 2022
Homeschooling a dyslexic student is a great way to help them succeed and catch up in school. 
2022-23 enrollment going on now, call today!  Classes include intervention for reading, language, writing, grammar, math, social studies and science. Dyslexia intervention for individuals and groups sessions are available grades 1-8.
We teach the student where they are and bring them up to where they want to be!
Contact: tndyslexiac@gmail.com

We understand the struggle your student is experiencing and how to help!


Tennessee Dyslexia Centers utilize a structured literacy multi-sensory approach, with dyslexia therapy for first grade through high school.  We focus on helping students who are dyslexic, or have different learning styles, and struggle being successful in the classroom.  Understanding who they are and how they learn allows them to feel confident and builds their self-esteem. 


Our dyslexia therapy program is designed to meet your student’s needs in reading and spelling and to strengthen their areas of weakness.  We combine sound symbol, grapheme-phoneme relationship strategies, visualization of word/spelling techniques, auditory and visual cognitive skill-building, to help your dyslexic student achieve success.

Because we specialize in Orton-Gillingham, and Lindamood-Bell approaches, we are able to develop an effective individualized therapy plan 

that will benefit your son or daughter.