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Summer is the best time to work with students! Intervention for reading, writing, spelling and processing improves  with a intense program created just for your student. ENROLLMENT STARTS IN FEBRUARY

TDC provides Dyslexia Therapy
During the day and after school using
Orton Gillingham or Lindamood Bell methods.
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Free evaluation on first visit!
Homeschool Tutorial for 2024-25 
Providing students with Dyslexia therapy and academic assistance 2, 3, or 4 days a week. Private or small group available. 
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How can we help your student?
  • Is your student having difficulty in school with reading, comprehension, written/oral directions, or spelling?

  • Do they know the information one night yet have forgotten it the next day?

  • Does the teacher continue to say your student's difficulties should correct themselves with age and practice?

  • You know your student is smart, but do they continue to fall behind in school?

  • Do they have a dyslexia diagnosis, yet the school is simply not able to help?

  • Does your student do well in school but completes the work slowly?


Our therapy benefits all this and more! 





Homeschool Tutorial

Dyslexia Therapy and Academics 

taught in a multi-sensory way.

Visual and Auditory approach to learning.

Do you know how your student learns best?

Students learn at different paces and should be taught the way they learn.

Our philosophy is to teach each student the way they learn best and help them love learning! Classes can include reading instruction, Language Arts, Writing, Grammar, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  One or all of these can be taught. Our tutorial is developed uniquely to meet each student's needs. We accept students from K-8th grade. If your child struggles in an academic setting, we can help. One of our trained teachers can work with your student to build self esteem, strengthen academic skills, and foster successful learning in the classroom.


We teach students privately for therapy and in groups of 2-3 for certain subjects.

Dyslexia Therapy

Dyslexia instruction is provided during the day and after school!

We provide multi-sensory therapy to students through an Orton Gillingham or Lindamood Bell approach.  Our goal is to help families understand dyslexia, provide therapy for their students, and support and teach parents how to help their child.  This allows students to see that they can achieve success in school and beyond. 

dyslexia intervention, auditory and visual therapy, dyslexia screening and testing, homeschool tutorial, and academic tutoring

Graduation is a "hand-raising" experience!

Our students have experienced significant growth when consistent intervention therapy is practiced for 12 to 24 months.  Students typically show growth of two to three years in reading, visualization, auditory processing, and cognitive skill development through our program.  Without intervention, a student with dyslexia experiences about a ½ year growth in learning or regression. 

Tennessee Dyslexia Centers has been serving Davidson, Williamson and the surrounding counties for over 24 years by providing Dyslexic instruction for K- 8th grade.

Dyslexia Testing

Full Psycho-Educational Testing is available to determine if there is a diagnosis for dyslexia or other learning disabilities.  Early testing with an accurate diagnosis helps to provide you and your child’s educational team with the information needed to provide the best individualized instruction possible.  Research shows that early intervention can turn at risk students into proficient readers. A questionnaire is provided to see if the signs of dyslexia are present and if further testing is merited.

Contact us for more information.

What Clients Say

The homeschool program was great for our son and allowed him to catch up and go back to public school feeling confident and at grade level. It was great.
"We were in the homeschool tutorial for 2 year and now have entered a private school at grade level making A's and B's. my daughter was 3 years behind. Thank you Cindy and Staff."

Tennessee Dyslexia Centers

Our center is located in the Brentwood TN, providing  multi-sensory dyslexia therapy to students  through an Orton Gillingham  and  Lindamood Bell approach.  Our goal is to help families understand dyslexia, provide therapy for their students, and support and teach them how to help their child.  This allows students to see that they can achieve success in school and beyond. 

(615) 739-5039 | | 7003 Chadwick Dr. Building 1-Suite 343, Brentwood, TN 37027

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