Cindy Loftin

Director, Dyslexia Specialist

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What a joy to be celebrating 22 years of helping students to see that they can read, write, spell and be successful in school!


It is hard to believe that 22 years ago this therapy was brought from Birmingham, AL and began making a difference in students  all over the Davidson, Rutherford, Williamson and surrounding Counties.  Our center is located in the Brentwood TN, providing  multi-sensory therapy to students  through an Orton Gillingham  and  Lindamood Bell approach.  Our goal is to help families understand dyslexia, provide therapy for their students, and support and teach them how to help their child.  This allows students to see that they can achieve success in school and beyond. Our students have experienced significant progress when consistent intervention therapy is practiced for 12 to 20 months.  Students typically show growth of two to three years in reading, visualization, auditory processing, and cognitive skill development through our program.  Without intervention, students experience about a ½ year growth in learning. 

Testing for dyslexia can be provided through a screener or a complete battery of tests for dyslexia and other learning differences. Both are provided in our office.


Dyslexia is a managed disability and can be mild to severe in it's effects on students. A  multi sensory approach to dyslexia therapy is the key to aiding a student with dyslexia. Our program works on all areas of the brain to enable your student to process information and understand the relationship between sound and symbol for reading. We then build their reading and spelling abilities with consistent intervention through .


Each student is unique and has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Our team will put in place an individualized plan that will advance your child's academic skills and increase their self confidence. 

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Cindy Loftin, Director

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that students with dyslexia should have high expectations and reasonable goals. Our certified teachers provide students with a supportive and encouraging environment so that they may face their challenges and learn to successfully manage their learning differences. 

"Unlocking the Potential to Achieve Success in School and Life"