We were in the homeschool tutorial for 2 year and now have entered a private school at grade level making A's and B's. my daughter was 3 years behind. Thank you Cindy and Staff. Jill-Nashville

The homeschool program was great for our son and allowed him to catch up and go back to public school feeling confident and at grade level. It was great. Betsy-Brentwood

Cindy, thank you for sharing your giftedness with our daughter Logan. You are excellent at what you do and in so many ways. Thank you for modeling honesty, compassion, respect and excellence to our daughter. You are a part of our family now and we are forever grateful. I came to you when she was in the 4th grade and reading at a first grade level. I though she would never read beyond that. You gave me hope and inspiration that things can and would get better. The approach and therapy used at the center helped our daughter not only read, comprehend, and write better, but it helped her to know to be patient with herself and think through things. In addition, it boosted her self-esteem, self confidence and help her see how smart she really was. Her spelling imporved by leaps and bounds. Logan is now in the 7th grade making mostly A's and B's on her report card. It was a Godsend when we met you because you understood how Logan sees things and her frustration with academics. The therapy and your influence really turned her world around and has impacted our lives positively. Thank you so much. Danielle-Nashville,TN



I am constantly amazed at Cindy's energy and excellence she gives to her students. She has been amazing help to my son. The therapy maximizes their strengths and build on their weaknesses to improve their overall academic and self-confidence!  The ultimate goal is for academic independence for her students. She has been able to equip our high school student with many skills that have given him the knowledge to become a stronger and more independent learner.  We have gone from a year of therapy to now developing and helping him with specific subjects, prepare for daily classes, look ahead and organize for projects/papers, and help him become a stronger high school student.  She gives him the strategies and knowledge of a "I can do it" attitude.  This will serve him well not only throughout high school, but for a lifetime. She is greatly appreciated and admired by us all. Peggy 


When we started at the Dyslexia Center in 2011, our almost 2nd grade son was unable to do the simple task of alphabetizing the letters of the alphabet.  He was struggling horribly with basic preschool reading and spelling.  Now, in 2015, he is a 4th grader who reads and comprehends above grade level. We  graduated from the center when he reach grade level at the end of 3rd grade. The Dyslexia Center has given our son and our family the necessary tools to overcome the challenges of dyslexia.  For us, knowing that he has and is continuing to conquer his dyslexia is wonderful but watching the process occur is priceless.John and Terri Anderson-parents of a 10 year old boy.



Cindy has been tutoring our now 5th grade son since he was in 3rd grade. He was struggling with reading, spelling, writing, and very frustrated with school. He loved learning, but was having trouble with so many basic things. He had been tested and diagnosed with dyslexia, and we were seeing a tutor at a different learning center. He was bored and not progressing very much. Within a few weeks of working with Cindy, Jonah was improving in all the areas he was struggling in. His confidence got a huge boost, and he has been soaring ever since. Cindy loves what she does and has a passion for students with dyslexia. I can't sing her praises loud enough! Lisa





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