Our services for your student are flexible:

      We begin the process with an interview, reviewing any previous testing information regarding your student.  Previous testing is not necessary in order to enroll at the center, because we can make evaluations to determine strengths and weaknesses in several areas.  Our main focus is whether or not TDC can meet your student’s needs!  Dyslexia screening is available for your student.  Once determined, matching the best teacher with your student’s personality is considered.  Our staff is trained extensively and will implement a plan that builds confidence and motivates students to see their potential.


     The TDC uses a fast-paced, multi-sensory approach, which stimulates all areas of the brain. Your student will work with 8 to 10 different activities in a 2-hour time period.  We strive to create a fun learning enviroment, which is how intervention should be.  You will be asked to work 30 minutes, 4 times a week before returning to the office for the next session.  These home activities will aid your student in moving through the dyslexia therapy more quickly. 

Dyslexia Office Therapy

We provide the following dyslexia therapy: phonological training, reading and spelling development, comprehension of information read or heard, visual and auditory therapy, and processing (which includes rapid-naming and memory-building).  Each student has a tailored plan to meet his or her needs for success.  This dyslexia therapy is provided once a week for 2 hours.  Therapy more than once a week is provided for more concentrated training.  Private and semi-private dyslexia therapy is available.

Home Tutoring

We can come to your home and provide limited therapy.  Phonological decoding, reading and spelling development, comprehension training, visual and auditory training, and some processing development are some of the areas we can work on at your home.  This therapy is provided once a week for 2 hours.  A quiet place away from the family area must be provided.  This therapy works well if the student can focus without distractions from the family.


We will also work with your school and come there for therapy if available.


This therapy is best for students who need limited processing therapy. 

Academic Tutoring

Subject-tutoring includes reading, language, history, science, Spanish, and math.  This is done for 1 to 1-½ hours, depending on the need. This tutoring is available once to twice a week, either in office, school, or home. 


We also provide study skills, test-taking development, organization strategies, exam preparation, and

executive function assessment and development.

Summer is a great time to do a concentrated therapy program for your student. This can consist of 2, 3, or 4 days of therapy.  We will develop a therapy plan to meet their needs.  Several days a week will improve their weaknesses more quickly.


Academic Summer Classes include grammar, writing, and math!

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